Everybody deserves to show their "Sassy" side


I am a military wife with 4 kids and wanting to stay an at home mom. Most bows are custom made. If you have an outfit that you want me to match, just send me a pic and I will make a bow to match! I can add a no slip grip on them to stay in even the fine textured hair. My crocheted items are handmade by me and made with love. I use quality yarn that lasts and can be washed. I am always working on adding new items so be sure to keep coming back!

Funny story on how I named my bows......I was asking my kids, "What do you think Mama should name her bows when I start selling them?" And my 3 year old said' "They look sassy frassy to me." So, then I asked my friends and family what they thought and they loved it too! So I guess, I really have to say my 3 year old named my bows and not me!